2013 china International Film Festival London
China International Film Festival London officially opened in December 2013.
List of Winners of Golden Knight Award Main competition in 2013 China International Film Festival London
Best Film: FengShui Best director: Fei Xing-Silent Witness
Best Screenplay: Fei Xing-Silent Witness Best Adapted Screenplay: Hai Yan、Huo Xin、Gao Qunshu-Crimes of Passion
Best male master: Sun Honglei-Silent Witness Best actress: Yan Bingyan-FengShui
best male match: Huang Bo-Lost In Thailand Best female match: Huang Yi-Drug War
Best Fresh Actor: Aarif Lee-One Night Surprise Best Cinematography: Li Ran-So young
Best Art Design: Bai Hao-FengShui Best Original Score: Forever Young
Best Original Song: One Night Surprise-Music by Aarif Lee, Lyric by Fan bingbing Best Film Editing: Allen Leung、David M. Richardson-Drug War
Best Sound mixing: Silent Witness Best Visual Effects: The Chef ,The Actor,The Scoundrel
Best Animated Feature Film: The Pork of Mu    
Honorary Awards of Organizing Committee
Lifetime Achievement Award: Xie Fei Special Award of Organizing Committee: Wei Yi
Best Acting in Chinese films of Organizing Committee: Pan Yueming Most Influential Overseas of Organizing Committee: Fan Bingbing
The organizing committee Knight Spirit Award: Fang Zuming Best Producer: Chen Zhixi
Special Contribution Award in Chinese films of Organizing Committee: Simon Yam    
• Distinguished guests
Xie Fei
Fan Bingbing
Huang Yi
Simon Yam
Aarif Lee
Sophia Kao
Yan Bingyan
Pan Yueming
Fei Xing
Wang Jing
Wei Yi
Hua Tian
Lord Michael Bates
• The Films

The Pork of Mu

Director: Xie Liwen

Starring: Huang Qiusheng / Wu Junru/ Hu Ge / Zheng Zhongji / /Xu Fei

Genre: Comedy / Animation

Release date: August 16, 2012

Synopsis: The kindergarten suffered an unparalleled economic difficulty which beyond the control of all the people: the President (Dubbed by Huang Qiusheng) Mr Chen (Dubbed by Xu Fei) and Mai Tai (voice of Wu Junru). The headmaster inadvertently found the children's music talent, such as Mai Dou. After ups and downs, the headmaster finally found a manager (Dubbed by Zheng Zhongji) to deal with the matters in choir. The performance was a great success. Unfortunately, the manager was missing so the choir did not bring much gain for the kindergarten. In the last performance the headmaster found a surprise: there were successful alumni of this school. Alumni found the true meaning of life once again.

Love Speaks

Director: Li Zhi

Starring: Fang Zuming / Guo Caijie / Yu Shasha / Lu Yijing

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Release date: November 8, 2013

Synopsis: Wang Leqing (Acted by Guo Caijie), a single white-collar, has a high life expectancy hoping to marry Shao Dong (Acted by Gao Shengyuan) as soon as possible. But Shao Dong often ignores her because he is a workaholic. Wang has to make a proposal and asks Zhou Tong (Acted by Fang Zuming) to video the process. Zhou Tong working in a video studio accepts the invitation with a pleasure. On the road of journey, the embarrassing things happened unexpectedly and constantly. Sharing happiness and woe, Zhou Tong gradually falls in love with Wang Leqing.

Silent Witness

The director: Fei Xing

Starring: Sun Honglei / Yu Nan / Guo Fucheng / Deng Jiajia / / Zhao Lixin

Genre: Drama / Suspense/ Crime

Release date: September 13, 2013

Synopsis: Tai Lin (Acted by Sun Honglei) is well-known as a local rich man. Recently he has been preparing the wedding with his beloved girlfriend. Unexpectedly, the bad news coming, the bride was killed in the underground parking lot of the apartment. The police moved the sight to his only daughter Lin Mengmeng (Acted by Deng Jiajia). Lin Taihua invited the famous lawyer Zhou Li (Acted by Yu Nan) with a huge sum of money to defense for his daughter. The prosecution sent a famous attorney Tong Tao (Acted by Guo Fucheng). When the trial began, the two sides debated severely. While with the further hearing of the trial, the fact became more and more complicated and confusing.


Director: Wang Jing

Starring: Yan Bingyan / Chen Gang / Jiao Gang / Li Xian/ Zhao Qian

Genre: Drama / Family

Release date: November 16, 2012

Synopsis: In 1990s, there was an ordinary family of three people in Wuhan province: a husband Ma Xuewu (Acted by Jiao Gang) was a office director in a state-owned company, his wife Li Baoli (Acted by Yan Bingyan) was a vendor in Street Hanzheng, and they had son named Xiao Bao. The family moved in a new house because the company’s housing allotment system and since then a series of unexpected changes came: Ma Xuewu started divorce, Li Baoli found Ma had a lover, her homeless mother-in-law wanted to live in their new house. Finally Ma Xuewu suicided under the last straw.

Bump In The Road

Director: Ye Weimin

Starring: Chen Sicheng / Bao Beier / Jiang Mengjie / Bao Qijing / Liu Ye

Genre: Comedy

Release date: September 29, 2013

Introduction: Zhang Kai (Acted by Chen Sicheng) was a play boy. One day, a mysterious mail containing a ultrasonic test report gave a blow to him. The frightened Zhang had sexual dysfunction and he decided to look for the baby's mother in the advice of the psychologist. Narrowing down the scope layer by layer, Zhang regarded Lijiang sa the destination. Zhang Kai's brother, Zhang Xin( Acted by Bao Beier), has a low IQ as a seven years old child. Zhang Xin dreamed of going to Shangri-La to find his puppy love. In his mother's approval, Zhang Kai companied with his brother merrily started a trip to Yunnan province to find the person.

Hunter Zhang

Director: Gao Qunshu

Starring: Zhang Lixian / Shi Hang / Ning Caishen / Gu Xiaobai / Bai Yansheng

Genre: Drama

Release date: July 20, 2012

Synopsis: Zhang (Acted by Zhang Lixian), a police in plainclothes, had a meal with a bunch of buddies and told the joys and sorrows of life by songs: they lurked in the flowing crowd to arrest illegal person. Years of hard work eroded Zhang's body: he suffered asthma and hypertension. He struggled to overcome these difficulties in order to catch the thief. However, there was a trailsman near the door. The strange things happened one after another which made Zhang and his friends had been caught off guard.

One Night Surprise

Director: Jin Yimeng

Starring: Fan Bingbing / Li Zhiting / Wu Peizi / Daniel Henie / Jiang Jinfu / Li Ming / Xu Zheng

Genre: Drama / Romance / Comedy

Release date: August 9, 2013

Synopsis: Mi Xue (Acted by Fan Bingbing), a single for a long time, was white-collar worker in an ad creative company. One day, she found herself pregnant so she managed to tell the the baby’ biological father. Four men were suspected to be: her subordinate Zhang Tongyu (Acted by Li Zhiting), a smart youth Lin Zhibo (Acted by Jiang Jinfu), a perfect man Zhou Bian (Acted by Daniel Henie), and a wealthy man Lu Dahu (Acted by Li Ming). A lot of romantic entanglements happens in this process.

Tales from the Dark

Director: Ren Dahua / Li Zhiyi / Chen Guo

Starring: Ren Dahua / Shao Meiqi / Liang Jiahui / Chen Huilin / / Shao Yinyin / Gu Meihua / / Tong Ailing / Lin Xue

Genre: Terror

Release date: July 11, 2013

Synopsis: The film consists of three stories: Illegal Property, Let It Go, and Insects Awaken. It interprets the love and hate in this mortal world. While good and evil will always be rewarded no matter who in this world will not escape.

So Young

Director: Zhao Wei

Starring: Han Geng / Zhao Youting / Yang Zishan / Jiang Shuying / Zheng Kai / Zhang Yao

Genre: Romance / Drama

Release date: April 26, 2013

Synopsis: Zheng Wei (Acted by Yang Zishan), having a childhood sweetheart Lin Jing (Acted by Han Geng), finally admitted to the university neighboring Lin’s. While a lot of adversity was waiting for her since she stepped into the campus. Fortunately, she met many sincere people: roommate Ruan Guan (Acted by Jiang Shuying), Zhu Xiaobei (Acted by Liu Yase), Li Weijuan (Acted by Zhang Yao), a senior Zhang Kai (Acted by Bao Beier), and her Mr. Right Chen Xiaozheng (Acted by Zhao Youting). In the occasion of graduation, Zheng Wei met the ordeal of life again, what was her choice facing the uncertainties?

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