2015 china International Film Festival London
China International Film Festival London officially opened in May 2015.
List of Winners of Golden Knight Award Main competition in 2015 China International Film Festival London
Best Film: Fleet of Time Best director: Teddy Chan -Kung Fu Jungle
Best Screenplay: Wang Yuelun -Emperor's Holidays Best male master: Zhang Hanyu -The Taking of Tiger Mountain
Best actress: Li Bingbing-ZHONGKUI-Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal best male match: Leo Ku-Two Thumbs Up,Chung Fung Che
Best female match: Tang Yan-For Love or Mone Best Fresh Actor: Kris Wu-Somewhere Only We Know
Best Fresh Actress: Zhong Jiaqi-Prince Most Influential Overseas Actor: Li Bingbing
Best Professional Actor: 斯科特·阿金斯《战狼》 Best Professional Actress: likun Wang-Somewhere Only We Know
Best Fresh Director: Lau Ho Leung-Two Thumbs Up,Chung Fung Che Best Original Score: Fleet of Time
Best Cinematography: Mark Lee Ping-Bin-Somewhere Only We Know Best Film Editing: Cheung Ka-Fai-The Queens
Best Original Screenplay: Chen Zhixiong--Prince Best Children Theme: Prince
• Distinguished guests
Li Bingbing
Yu Dong
Jing Qiaoqiao
Wang Yuelun
Li xiang
Leo Ku
Zhang Yibai
Ming Dao
Wang Likun
Xie Yilin
Gong Zheng
Qian Feng
Yano Koji
Lord Clement•Jones
Lord Michael Bates
• The Films


Director:Chen Zhixiong

Starring:Na Wei / Paw Hee-Ching / Clara / Peter Pang


Release date:May 18, 2015

Synopsis:Mr. Zhou(Acted by Na Wei) is a rich man from the Mainland, living a luxury life every day. However, he could not find the meaning of life until his bankruptcy. After his experience with a Corgi dog, he realizes what love is.

For Love or Money

Director:Gao Xixi

Starring:Liu Yifei / Rain / Wang Xuebing / Chen Chong

Genre: Romance

Release date:November 7, 2014

Synopsis:Xing Lu (Acted by Liu Yifei) is an ordinary girl, in fact, she is the descendant of declining aristocracy. By chance, Xing Lu met a painter named Xu Chengxun (Acted by Zheng Zhixun) in a coffee shop. And she fell love with Xu Chengxun, the first time Xing Lu knew what real happiness was. However, as time went by Xing began to doubt Xu’s identity. With a variety of questions, can she control her own future?

Emperor's Holidays

Director: Wang Yuelun

Starring:Guo Tao / Jimmy Lin / Sean Zhang / Wang Yuelun / Tian Liang

Genre:Comedy / Family

Release date:February 19, 2015

Synopsis:A story above the three fathers who want to spend an luxurious holiday like an Empire (the King). Jimly Lee (Wanted Criminal) has stolen famous diamond which is slipped into one the father's coat pocket. What follows next is story between four of them and the Interpol with Korea Police.

ZHONGKUI-Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal

Director: Peter Pau / Zhao Tianyu

Starring: Chen Kun / Li Bingbing / Zhao Wenxuan / Yang Zishan

Genre: Action / Romance / Fantasy

Release date:February 19, 2015

Synopsis:Legendary Chinese anti-hero Zhong Kui (Acted by Chen Kun), a young man endowed with mysterious powers, who is forced into a battle among the realms of Heaven, Earth and Hell in the course of his attempt to save his countrymen and the woman he loves.

The Queens

Director: Annie Shizuka Inou

Starring:Song Hye Kyo / Dou Xiao / Joe Chen / Tony Yeung

Genre: Drama / Romance

Release date:April 15, 2015

Synopsis: Annie (Acted by Song Hye Kyo), Conte (Acted by Joe Chen) and Tina (Acted by Wu Junmei) are good sisters, they have known each other for many years. Anne and Zhang Yi (Acted by Qin Hao) had been in love for many years, however, the emergence of Melissa (Acted by Annie Shizuka Inou) influenced their love. Eventually, Zhang Yi abandoned Anne. After her frustration, Anne finally understand that she can only rely on herself in the world.

Fleet of Time

Director: Zhang Yibai

Starring:Eddie Peng Yuyan / Ni Ni / Zheng Kai / Wei Chen / Zhang Zixuan

Genre: Romance

Release date:December 5, 2014

Synopsis: The story begins with Chen Xun (Acted by Eddie Peng) and Fang Hui (Acted by Ni Ni) meeting during their first year of senior high school, the time when love’s kindred spirit first begins to awaken. Peng’s character possesses all the characteristics of a high school hunk. He’s got a handsome face, he’s class monitor, and he’s an excellent basketball player. Ni Ni’s character on the other hand is plain, introverted and sensitive.

Kung Fu Jungle

Director: Teddy Chan

Starring: Donnie Yen / Wang Baoqiang / Charlie Yeung / Michelle / Fong Chung Sun

Genre: Action / Thriller

Release date:October 31, 2014

Synopsis: A martial arts instructor from the police force gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in return for his freedom.

Somewhere Only We Know

Director : Xu Jinglei

Starring: Kris Wu / Wang Likun / Xu Jinglei

Genre: Romance

Release date:February 10, 2015

Synopsis: Beautiful girl Jin Tian (Acted by Wang Likun) was betrayed by her fiance, and her grandmother Chen Lanxin (Acted by Xu Jinglei) died of illness. The desperate girl suddenly lost her direction of life. After that, she flied to the romantic city of Prague with pulling the suitcase. She tried to do some extraordinary things, so she met a handsome cellist Pengze Yang (Acted by Wu Yifan) in a hustle and bustle dance hall. They fell in love with each other, heading in an unknown direction

Two Thumbs Up,Chung Fung che

Director: Lau Ho Leung

Starring: Francis NG / Simon Yam / Leo Ku / Patrick Tam

Genre: Crime / Comedy

Release date:April 3, 2015

Synopsis: Big F(Acted by Francis NG)who's just gotten out of prison, wastes no time in tracking down his old comrades, picking up bowling alley employee Crazy B(Acted by Simon Yam), back-alley hairstylist Johnny T (Acted by Patrick Tam)and mechanic East L (Acted by Mark Cheng) in quick succession. As it turns out, Big F wants to rob a truck transporting dirty money across the Mainland-Hong Kong border, and to do that, the gang's got to pose as police officers. On the day of the heist, the men set off in their minibus-turned-police-vehicle dressed as cops and armed with BB guns. What they don't know is that another group of criminals also has its sights set on the truck and those people have AK-47s.

Wolf Warriors

Director: Jason Wu

Starring: Jason Wu / Yu Nan / Scott Adkins / Kevin Lee

Genre: Action / War

Release date:April 2, 2015

Synopsis: The 3-D war epic centers on Leng Feng (Acted by Jason Wu), an insubordinate special forces soldier who is expelled from the army because he disobeys orders and shoots a drug lord during an assault mission. But his extraordinary marksmanship and tough personality win him recruitment into the elite military squadron Wolf Warriors. In his first military drill as a member of the Wolf Warriors, Leng and his comrades are faced with a serious challenge when a troop of foreign mercenaries straddle the borderline and turn the drill into actual combat.

The Taking of Tiger Mountain

Director: Hark Tsui

Starring: Zhang Hanyu / Leung Ka Fai / Kenny / Yu Nan / Tong Liya

Genre: Action/ War / Adventure

Release date:December 23, 2014

Synopsis: In the 1940s, captain Shao Jianbo (Acted by Lin Gengxin) leads a squad of around 30 People’s Liberation Army soldiers to wipe out bandits in northeastern China. Seasoned investigator Yang Zirong (Acted by Zhang Hanyu) volunteered to go undercover in the bandits’ lair…

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