2014 china International Film Festival London
China International Film Festival London officially opened in December
List of Winners of Golden Knight Award Main competition in 2014 China International Film Festival London
Best Film: Dearest Best director: Peter Chan-Dearest
Best Screenplay: Ma Yingli-Blind Massag Best male master: Nick Cheung-Unbeatable
Best actress: Tang Wei-The Golden Era best male match: Zheng Kai-EX-Files
Best female match: Ma Su-Breakup Buddies Best Fresh Actress: Deng Jiajia
Best Professional Actress: Liang Jing Best Fresh Male Director: Tian Yusheng-EX-Files
Best Fresh Female Director: Snow Zou-But Always Best Producer: Wang Donghui-Brotherhood of Blades
Best Original Score: The road to ordinary-The Continent Best Commercial Short: Design for Desire
Best Documentary: A Bite of China    
Honorary Awards of Organizing Committee
The organizing committee Knight Spirit Award: Du Haitao Special Contribution Award of Organizing Committee: The sky in Hakka earth building
Lifetime Achievement Award: Zheng Dongtian    
• Distinguished guests
Yang Mi
Peter Chan
Nick Cheung
Liang Jing
Zhang Hui
Deng Jiajia
Shang Wenjie
Zou Xian
Tian Yusheng
Du Haitiao
Wang Luoyong
Lord Clement•Jones
Lord Michael Bates
• The Films

The Grandmaster

Director: Karwai Wong

Starring: Leung Chiu Wai / Zhang Ziyi / Chang Chen / Song Hye Kyo / Zhao Benshan

Genre: Drama / Action / Biography

Release date:January 8, 2013

Synopsis: Ip Man (Acted by Leung Chiu Wai)'s peaceful life in Foshan changes after Gong Yutian (Acted by Wang Qingxiang) seeks an heir for his family in Southern China. Ip Man then meets Gong Er (Actd by Zhang Ziyi) who challenges him for the sake of regaining her family's honor. After the Second Sino-Japanese War, Ip Man moves to Hong Kong and struggles to provide for his family. In the meantime, Gong Er chooses the path of vengeance after her father was killed by Ma San.

The Golden Era

Director: Ann Hui

Starring: Tang Wei / Feng Shaofeng / Wang Zhiwen / Zhu Yawen / Huang Xuan

Genre: Drama / Romance/Biography

Release date:October 1, 2014

Synopsis: The life of Chinese writer Xiao Hong (Acted by Tang Wei), from her childhood in the Heilongjiang Province to her final days in Hong Kong's Repulse Bay. The love of the author's life, newspaper editor Xiao Jun (Acted by Feng Shaofeng) and the inspiration she drew from him as well as the surrounding literary scene in creating some of China's most enduring masterpieces is explored against the backdrop of a turbulent time that included the formation of the Chinese Communist government and World War II.

Blind Massage

Director: Lou Ye

Starring: Qin Hao / Guo Xiaodong/ Huang Xuan / Zhang Lei / Mei Ting

Genre: Drama

Release date:November 28, 2014

Xiao Ma (Acted by Huang Xuan) became blind because of an accident when he was young. After a suicide attempt, Xiao Ma came to a massage center operated by Sha Fuming (Acted by Qin Hao). There were many blind men, like Xiao Ma, created a deep and solid friendship because of living in a common darkness. Later, a salon lady named Xiao Man (Acted by Huang Lu) appeared in the Xiao Ma’s life. As time went on, Xiao Ma gradually had a crush on Xiao Man.


Director: Chan Kexin

Starring: Zhao Wei / Huang Bo / Tong Dawei / Hao Lei / / Zhang Yi

Genre: Plot / Family

Release date: September 25, 2014

Synopsis: Tian Wenjun (Acted by Huang Bo) and Lu Xiaojuan (Acted by Hao Lei) was once a loving couple, however, the love between them was consumed by time and quarrel. Now the only connection between them is theie son, Tian Peng. Whereas one time Tian Peng went out to play and lost without a reason, Tian Wenjun and Lu Xiaojuan set foot on the long road to find their son. On the way they meet many parents like them. In a remote village, they saw a boy like Tian Peng while the boy's mother is not Lu Xiaojuan but a woman named Li Hongqin (Acted by Zhao Wei) living in the village. Then actually what happened?

Breakup Buddies

Director: Ning Hao

Starring: Xu Zheng / Huang Bo / Yuan Quan / Zhou Dongyu / Tao Hui

Genre: Comedy / Love

Release date: September 30, 2014

Synopsis: Geng Hao (Acted by Huang Bo) a second-hand audio manufacturer, was divorced. While fortunately, A film producer Hao Yi (Acted by Xu Zheng ) found him in a low spirit and decided to take a journey with him aiming to make him happy again. Then they took a dog with them and began a journey. They met many girls during this trip, like "Afanda girl" (Acted by Tao Hui), "kill Matt" Zhou Lijuan (Acted by Zhou Dongyu), and "A pretty beauty" (Acted by Zhang Li). After a series of surprising experience, they all became happy again and found a road to happiness.

The Old Boys: The Way of The Dragon

Director: Xiao Yang

Starring: Xiao Yang / Wang Taili / Qu Jingjing / Hao Kairui / Qu Wanting

Genre: Comedy / Plot

Release date: July 10, 2014

Synopsis: Wang Xiaoshuai (Acted by Wang Taili) living in his wife's home, was heated by his wife family. Then he decided to put everything down to realize his dream, so he found his old classmates, Xiao Dabao (Acted by Xiao Yang) who was depart with him because a girl named Ma Lu (Acted by Qu Jingjing)playing the cello. They chose to go to New york to take part in a show, whereas they trapped into a gang fight. They had no choice but risked at the final which decided their destiny.

But Always

Director: Zou Xian

Starring: Xie Tingfeng / Gao Yuanyuan / Du Haitao / Luo shi / Lin Xue

Genre: Love

Release date: September 5, 2014

Synopsis: 1970s, Zhao Yongyuan (Acted by Xie Tingfeng) and An Ran (Acted by Gao Yuanyuan) are friends because of their similar destiny. As time gose by, they begin a romance love. Can they love each other forever? How will the fate arrange them to meet again in this big world?

Brotherhood of Blades

Director: Lu Yang

Starring: Zhang Zhen / Liu Shishi / Wang Qianyuan / Li Xuedong / Nie Yuan

Genre: Action / Love / Martial Arts

Release date: August 7, 2014

Synopsis: When Ming emperor ascended the throne, eunuch Wei Zhongxian (Acted by Jin Shijie) and his "party" was destructed by emperor’s guards. Lu Jianxing (Acted by Wang Qianyuan), Shen Lian (Acted by Zhang Zhen) and Jin Yichuan (Acted by Li Dongxue) were the honestest and bravest.among the guards. Lu Jianxing was aimed at promotion and hundred households, Shen Lian helpde a prostitute Zhou Miaotong (Acted by Liu Shishi) out of the brothel, the third brother Jin Yichuan wanted to get away from Ding Xiu (Acted by Zhou Yiwei ), then the three men decided to accept Zhao Jingzhong (Acted by Nie Yuan)’s secret action to murder Wei Zhongxian. The imperial court was decadent and in chaos, then what about the fate of these little people?


Director: Tian Yusheng

Starring: Han Geng / Yao Xingtong / Zheng Kai / Wang Likun / Ban Jiajia

Genre: Comedy / Love

Release date: January 31, 2014

Synopsis: Meng Yun and Xia Lu’s love experienced successive tests of their former lovers accompanied by buddy Yu Fei and Xiaowen (Acted by Ban Jiajia). Their love was affected by sensitive ex-girlfriend Ling Ling (Acted by Medina), alcoholic MengMeng (Acted by Xiong Naijin), Shang Dan (Acted by Liu Yan) spending money casually, and the wealthy ex-boyfriend Pu Enhao (Acted by Li Xiangye). Smart Xia Lu overcame all of them except Luo Qian.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Director: Xu Ke

Starring: Li Lianjie / Zhou Xun / Chen Kun / Li Yuchun / / Gui Lunmei

Genre: Action / Martial Arts

Release date: December 15, 2011

Synopsis: During Chenghua years in Ming Dynasty, the imperial court was decadent and in chaos. In this age Zhao Huaian (Acted by Li Lianjie) was a swordsman to eliminate the renegade and Yu Huatian(Acted by Chen Kun) intervened it at this time. In the same time, the maid named Su Hui (Acted by Fan Xiaoxuan) was pregnant and desperately fled. She was arrested by Yu Huatian’s heelers but rescued by Knight Ling Yanqiu (Acted by Zhou Xun) fortunately. The two fled to the Longmen Inn where once a place of terror. All forces gathered here, a battle of good and evil is about to start, and the bigger secret will be revealed.

The Great Hypnotist

Director: Chen Zhengdao

Starring: Xu Zheng / Karen Mok / Hu Jing / Lv Zhong / Wang Yaoqing

Genre: Plot / Suspense / Thriller

Release date: April 29, 2014

Synopsis: Xu Ruining (Acted by Xu Zheng),,proud and arrogant, is famous as a hypnotist. Whereas Ren Xiaoyan (Acted by Mo Wenmei), a patient recommended by his teacher, Professor Fang (Acted by Lv Zhong), is an intractability to him in his career. This female patient holds a hard attitude to him and does not follow his words. It is unexpected that Ren Xiaoyan takes control of the situation in the course of treatment while the truth actually is related to his wife (Acted by Hu Jing ) and buddy Luo Yusong (Acted by Wang Yaoqing). Who is Ren Xiaoyan on earth? Xu Ruining seems to fall into a trap.

American dreams in China

Director: Chan Kexin

Starring: Huang Xiaoming / Deng Chao / Tong Dawei / Du Juan

Genre: Drama

Release date: May 17, 2013

Synopsis: In 1980s, three young people with passion and dream met in Peking University, since then they launched a friendship and began their life journey for thirty years. Meng Xiaojun (Acted by Deng Chao), born in a family of studying abroad for generations, wanted to change the world in the United States; Wang Yang ( Acted by Tong Dawei) was a vigorous youth, enjoying his life in the beginning of Reform and Opening. A rural youth Dong Qing (Acted by Huang Xiaoming) failed Gao Kao two times and set Meng Xiaojun as his idol in study. And He met his Mrs. Right. But their friendship has begun to withstand severer test with the advent of success.

I Do

Director: Sun Zhou

Starring: Li Bingbing / Sun Honglei / Duan Yihong / Xue Jianing

Genre: Comedy / Love

Release date: February 10, 2012

Synopsis: Tang Weiwei (Acted by Li Bingbing) is an elite in a design company. She is 32 years old, a 3S lady. Her bestie Jin Xiaoling (Acted by Xue Jianing), an expectant mother, is interested on online dating and arranges blind dates for Tang Weiwei. Tang pretends to be a pregnant woman, it is unsurprised that the majority are scared off except one young man Yang Nianhua (Acted by Sun Honglei). They know each other from this acquaintance. At the same time, the company, Tang Weiwei working in, took over the United States affairs. When she meets the customer, she finds that the customer was her boyfriend Wang Yang (Acted by Duan Yihong) who abandoned her 7 years ago. Then, a war between rivals in love is at a simmer.

101st Marriage Proposal

Director: Chen Zhengdao

Starring: Huang Bo / Lin Zhiling / Gao Yixiang / Qin Hailu

Genre: Romance

Release date: February 12, 2013

Synopsis: Ye Xun (Acted by Lin Zhiling), an orchestra cellist was heart broken because her fiance Xu Zhuo (Acted by Gao Yixiang) was absent in their wedding owing to a car accident three years ago. Huang Da (Acted by Huang Bo), an ordinary labor contractor broke into her life and disturbed her quiet life. However, Xu Zhuo reappeared in her life after three years disappearance when she fell in love with Huang Da. It became the biggest obstacle on their road of love.

Lethal Hostage

Director: Cheng Er

Starring: Sun Honglei / Wang Luodan / Zhang Mo / Yang Kun / / Ni Dahong

Genre: Drama / Crime

Release date: August 17, 2012

Synopsis: In a border town in Yunnan province, a rebellious female student (Acted by Gao Ye) accidentally noticed a strange man (Acted by Yang Kun), a new comer, was a professional killer actually through the dog’s abnormal reaction in the home. The new comer was a professional killer actually and the female student was in danger. Fortunately, her elder brother was an anti -narcotics policeman (Acted by Zhang Mo) and saved her in time. The anti-narcotics policemen arrested the killer, inadvertently found a major drug-related crime clue, and found the trace of their boss (Acted by Sun Honglei). They were trapped into fighting drug traffickers. The fate of the police, drug traffickers and the killer was intertwined with others, a desperate struggle was launched.

Tai chi 2: The Rising of Heroes

Director: Fung Delun

Starring: Liang Jiahui / Yuan Xiaochao / Yang Ying / Peng Yuyan / / Feng Shaofeng

Genre: Comedy / Action / Fantasy / Martial Arts

Release date: October 25, 2012

Synopsis: Successfully beat Troy with the help of the people in ChenJiaGou, simple-minded Yang Luchan (Acted by Yuan Xiaochao) and Chen Yuniang (Acted by Yang Ying) married. After that, the unrest happened one after another in exposed. Zai Yang spread the words, the origin of the copper bell ringing in the night and the boxing skill did not pass to other families, to the tribe. It made people in ChenJiaGou hatred Yang Luchan and drove him out of the village. At the turn of the century, the civilization of the East and the West had a violent collision, Yang and the people in ChenJiaGou were facing an unprecedented test of life and death.

My Lucky Star

Director: Gunton Danny

Starring: Zhang Ziyi / Wang Lihong / Lin Xinru / Yao Chen / / Cai Shaofen

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Release date: September 17, 2013

Synopsis: Sophie (Acted by Zhang Ziyi) is a well-known cartoonist and unexpectedly wins a grand prix of a five-day tour in Singapore although she is not luckily enough in reality. She meets a handsome man, David (Acted by Wang Lihong), as a prince in her imagery when she went out of the airport gate. David's real identity is a secret agent. Accompanied by the perfect prince, Sophie once in a boring life began an exotic adventure.


Director: Lin Chaoxian

Starring: Zhang Jiahui / Peng Yuyan/ Li Xinqiao / Ting Mei / Li Feier

Genre: Action / Drama/ Sport

Release date: June 18, 2013

Synopsis: The former Hongkong boxing champion ,Cheng Hui (Acted by Zhang Jiahui), declined in his career. He indulged in gambling and fled to Macao because of debt-ridden. At the same time, Lin Siqi (Acted by Peng Yuyan) suffered a family misfortune: his father (Acted by Gao Jie), a rich man, suffering a business failure. His father become poor and abandoned himself in the bar all day. Lin Siqi enrolled in the MMA in order to encourage his father to start a new life. He signed up in a boxing club and met Cheng Hui, a migrant labor. Since then Lin Siqi took him as a boxing teacher. When Cheng Hui was in his forties…

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