The predecessor of China-Britain Film Festival, China International Film Festival London, is one of the overseas largest and most influential international Chinese film festivals, with support from the Film Bureau, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SARFT), British Film Institute (BFI), British Council (BC) and China Film Association. After signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Film Co-Production between China and Britain in 2015, to further film cultural exchanges between China and the United Kingdom, China International Film Festival London was upgraded and officially renamed China-Britain Film Festival. and the renamed China-Britain Film Festival,By the China Britain Film Festival Organizing Committee, The State press and Publication Administration of radio, film and television and British Film Institute (BFI) host,Mr Kong Xiangxi medium for Bei Jing View Media Advertising Co.,Ltd to undertake,Will be held in London in May each year.By the British Film Institute (BFI) recommended British judges and Chinese judges Common components of the jury,Selection for the exhibition of Chinese movie, and host the awards ceremony in London, at the same time the other AD hoc foreign link, screening for 3 to 5 British film, and during the festival of the British filmmaker dialogue BBS unit, the contents of the other is the same with the original film festival.
China Britain Film Festival Organizing Committee
Bei Jing View Media Advertising Co.,Ltd
The festival organizers as the China Britain Film Festival Organizing Committee, hosted by the Bei Jing View Media Advertising Co.,Ltd the Film Bureau of SARFT, Beijing Film Academy, BFI (British Film Institute), BC (British Council), BAFTA (British Academy of film and Television Arts) special support.
Film Bureau of SARFT
Beijing Film Academy
British Film Institute (BFI)
British Council (BC)
British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)

China Britain Film Festival will export the excellent and most popular Chinese films to British audiences. Meanwhile, the festival will invite many politicians and film makers both from China and Britain attend this event,which will arouse support and concerns from Chinese overseas and British natives. The main target of the film festival is to promote the film export in overseas, and present the latest Chinese film works and film makers. Based on the promotion of film culture and industrial information exchange, the film festival is added Chinese traditional elements to show the world the beauty of Chinese art with long history. The film festival aims at creating a convenient and normalized exchange platform for China-UK cultural exchange to create a win-win situation for two countries' communication and cooperation in culture and economy.

This year is China-UK cultural exchange year. And the famous Silk Road in history is considered as the longest and most potential economic corridor in the world. In order to implement the strategic concept '21st Century Maritime Silk Road', put forward by Presdient Xi Jinpin, the film festival this year will take ‘the Belt and Road cultural communication’ as its core concept to promote China-UK film cultural exchange, and to continue the historical and cultural heritage of spirit.
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