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Ex-Files 2:The Backup Strikes Back

Director: Tian Yusheng
Lynette: the history of the old / Simon / Da Hara / wide
Starring: Zheng Kai /Amber Kuo Wang Zhuanjun / Zhang Dianlun / Zhang Yixing
Type: / love comedy
Release: 2015-11-06 (Chinese)
Runtime: 114 minutes
Synopsis of the story:
The program director of izeh (Amber Kuo ornaments) in years of heavy work before an encounter star Yu Fei (Zheng Kaishi), two people met up again let Izawa as if in a dream, that dream come true, the fairy tale has been broken, has secretly made a decision. In a "who's who seriously lost the game of love, who will be the last winner?

The Monkey King 2

Director: Zheng Baorui
Screenwriter: Ran Ping/Ran Jianan/ Wen Ning
Starring: Aaron Kwok / Gong Li / William Feng / Xiao Shenyang / ChungHimLaw / more...
Genre: Comedy / action / Fantasy
Release: 2016-02-08 (mainland China)
Running time: 120 minutes
The film tells the story of four in the westbound Road, King (Gong Lishi) to seize Tang Seng (William Feng ornaments) and setting up a trap, by Sun Wukong (Aaron Kwok ornaments) to see through, repeatedly frustrated. Tang Seng misunderstands Sun Wukong killing the demon out of his legacy. Tang Seng stepped in, abducted. Goku quickly went to the rescue, completely defeated the demon master. Bury the hatchet, back on the road.

Wild City

Director: Lam
Lynette: Lam
Starring: Louis Koo / Shawn Yue / Liyan Tong / Chang Hsiao Chuan / Michael Tse / more...
Genre: action / Thriller / crime
Release: 2015-07-30 (mainland China) / 2015-08-20 (Hongkong)
Running time: 105 minutes
Synopsis of the story:
Small bar boss Tian min (Louis Koo) drunk girl Xiaoyun (Liyan Tong) sent home to see her boyfriend George Shi Yun (Michael Tse ornaments) was struggling, begging days people take her. But the day people had to be sent to the rest home. The godmother, request Xiao Yun Tian min and his brother Shao Cong (Shawn Yue ornaments). To retrieve George documents to leave Hongkong, two people promised to help, but it was during the Gang (Chang Hsiao Chuan) ambush, three people had to flee together.
After the incident, the day bar gangster harassment, less astute taxi was vandalism, two people helpless, but do not know they have been involved in the struggle involving huge amounts of black gold, only to fight.....

The Master

Director: Xu Haofeng
Screenwriter: Xu Haofeng
Starring: Liao Fan / Song Jia / Jiang Wenli / Song Yang / goldschatz / more...
Genre: Drama / action / Martial Arts
Release: 2015-12-10 (China,) / 2015-11-11 (film Taipei)
Running time: 109 minutes
Synopsis of the story:
In the period of the Republic of South Wing Chun successor Chen general (Liao Fanshi) came to Tianjin, met the Tianjin martial arts master Zheng Shanao (goldschatz ornaments), is based in the martial arts opened, Zheng Shanao suggested that General Chen reached the purpose of using traditional methods to teach apprentices. Road twists and turns, General Chen married a Tianjin beautiful woman Zhao Guohui (Song Jiashi). Also, accept the local youth Geng Liangchen (Song Yangshi) acts on behalf of its Tiguan, husband and wife two people temporarily in the slums, prevent enemy off to come to revenge. Chen and his wife did not know on aggressive Randy Geng Liangchen, but after contact also found merit Geng most. But with the curator of eighth Martial Arts (Zou Jiang Wenli) and the military officers Lin Xiwen (Huang Jue ornaments) in Tianjin Wushu is faced with a great change, by Wushu renaissance his desire, love for his wife, as well as the responsibility as the master, let Chen general in two Difficult circumstances.

Chongqing Hotpot

Director: Yang Qing
Screenwriter: Yang Qing
Starring: Chen Kun / Bai Baihe / Qin Hao / / Yu Entai / Wang Yanlin / more...
Type: plot / crime
Release: 2016-04-01 (mainland China)
Running time: 95 minutes
Synopsis of the story:
Middle school is a good buddy Paul Liu (Chen Kunshi), Xu Dong (Qin Hao) and Wang Pingchuan (Yu Entai ornaments), because the shelter of the Hot pot shop partnership mismanagement and growing contradictions. The three brothers ready to shop, in order to sell a good price, the three began to expand. When they accidentally dug out the next bank vault, in the face of the temptation of money gambling debts owed to Paul Liu in a dilemma, There is no story without coincidences., junior high school classmate Yu Xiaohui (white lily ornaments) is just the bank clerk. Three people ready to ask Yu Xiaohui for help, did not expect a love letter to Yu Xiaohui. It is the year the shelter was broken. The old string youth and four old classmates, a premeditated robbery is quietly breeding.

Song of the Phoenix

Director: Wu Tianming
Screenwriter: Wu Tianming / Luo Xueying / Xiao Jianghong
Starring: Tao Zeru / Li Mincheng / / Hu Ji Bo Xianxu / Zheng Wei / more...
Type: scenario
Release: 2016-05-06 (Chinese,) / 2013-09-25 (Film Festival)
Running time: 108 minutes
Synopsis of the story:
The older generation of Suona artists Simon coke (Tao Zeru decoration) is a hot cold old man looks dour, but with blood. The film shows the changes in society, the people of the blundering, two generations of Suona artists in order to holding to the faith the sincere love between father and son, mentoring love, brotherhood. The film adapted from the novel of the same name Xiao Jiang Hong1.

The Dead End

Director: Cao Baoping
Screenwriter: Cao Baoping / Jiao Huajing
Starring: Deng Chao / Duan Yihong / Guo Tao / / Wang Luodan / Jackie Lui / more...
Genre: Drama / crime / suspense
Release: 2015-08-27 (China mainland) / 2015-06-15 (Shanghai Film Festival)
Running time: 139 minutes
Synopsis of the story:
Seven years ago, Fujian Bestwin occurred extremely brutal extermination massacre, a villa in a family of five died on the same day, caused great shock in the society, but the years go by, the suspect Yang Zidao (Guo Tao), Xin Xiaofeng (Deng Chaoshi), Chen Bijue (Gao Hu) is still unpunished. Now, one of the three live in Xiamen, Yang worked as a taxi driver, Xiao Feng joined the police team, accidentally become fool Chen Ze with three people to pick up the girl tail perched on the fishing grounds in relatives. On this day, with rich experience in handling cases of Yi Gu Chun (Duan Yihong ornaments) to Xiao Feng's team served as a sergeant. Iraq rather remarkable capacity of Xiao Feng, but he is also a faint smell sensitive feeling has been associated with this man and the daughter of darkness. In the meantime, Douglas met her sister Xiao Xia in an accident. If Pluto (Wang Luodan) Pluto has an invisible hand, it will be the three determined anew man to change the outcome. This film is based on Xu's novel < sunspots > adaptation.

Mr. Six

Director: Guan Hu
Screenwriter: Guan Hu / Dong Runnian
Starring: Feng Xiaogang / Xu Qing / Zhang Hanyu / / Liu Hua / Li Yifeng / more...
Type: plot / crime
Release: 2015-12-24 (China mainland) / 2015-09-09 (Venice Film Festival)
Running time: 137 minutes (China,) / 140 minutes (Venice Film Festival Edition)
Synopsis of the story:
The old gun son in the Beijing dialect, refers to the old idle cage liuniao, hunhuner.
Six Ye (Feng Xiaogang ornaments) was "rampant" one of the old Beijing old gun, now live a leisurely day, but do not want their son Xiao Bo (Li Yifeng) was involved in a short time and the "little Lord" (Wu Yifan ornaments) dispute. Six to come forward to settle the dispute. And, to find the old friend stuffy three children (Zhang Hanyu ornaments), chatterbox (Xu Qingshi), shade son (Liu Hua) to help, but found that this era has a new group of "say", this Wanzhu status has been shaken, and stick to the previous way of life has gradually abandoned the time past it has been able to eat?


Director: Yi Xing
Lynette: Yi Xing / Liu through Zimo / Kodak / Hu Shuxin / Wang Weijie
Starring: White / Yang Zishan / Berlin Chan / Ma Tianyu guest / Liu follow Zimo more...
Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / adventure / Costume
Release: 2015-12-18 (mainland China)
Running time: 95 minutes
Synopsis of the story:
Grass root Wang Dachui (Bai Ke ornaments), he was born with different, two ears pointed, and some small mana, always prides itself on local Lich King. But he never thought that, in the face of Tang four group, reversed his fate; and for the master Tang Group of four people. Meet the king sledgehammer is also very depressed eighty-second difficult. Therefore the two sides staged a love to kill, hilarious fantasy adventure.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Director: Tian Xiaopeng
Screenwriter: Tian Xiaopeng / Liu tiger / rice / gold / gold ran into
Starring: Zhang Lei / Lin Zijie / Wu Wenlun / / Tong Zirong / Liu Jiurong / more...
Genre: Comedy / action / animation / Fantasy
Release: 2015-07-10 (mainland China)
Running time: 89 minutes
Synopsis of the story:
Five hundred years ago, the stone monkey change and become monkey Sun Wukong (voiced by Zhang Lei) havoc, Buddha was eventually in the town of the five mountain. This last year in Changan city was suddenly goblins looted, and young boys and girls cry, hanging line. In moments of crisis, he was a wandering monk faming (voiced by Wu Wenlun) raised the son (Lin Zijie dubbing) saved a little girl, the Fanzao mountain demon hunting. After a chase, the child accidentally lifted Sun Wukong's seal, the monkey will take the natural mountain demon learned a lot. Because the seals are not solved, the son and the small monkey had to escort the girl on the way back to Changan, and suffered a pig (voiced by Liu Jiurong) and the white horse. At the same time, the demon king (Tong Zirong voice) will not be reconciled to defeat, he hid in the dark, waiting for a chance to give Sun Wukong a fatal blow......

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